This is how I do money on the inter-webs

I collect and make payments with PayPal.

TIP: Use PayPal with your Credit Card for purchases get the additional PayPal warranty and get free return shipping

It's basically Venmo for Canadians and you get $5 free for signing up

Trade Canadian stocks for free plus they give you $10 when you sign up

Questrade sucks but it's how I buy US stocks and ETFs

You can buy ETFs for free and they give you up to $250 when you sign up.

I buy my crypto assets here plus they give you $30 when you sign up

I HODL my crypto assets here. They give you $10 when you sign up and you earn 6% interest APR risk free. You can use my code 73b34073.

I trade more crypto here. They give you 10% back when you sign up.

BitCoin Address (BTC)


Ethereum Address (ETH)


DogeCoin Address (Doge)